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Birth control isn’t always an easy choice because there are so many options, and the best one depends on each patient’s personal choice, future plans, and overall health. Dr. Alex Giannakakos has provided women with birth control services for many years, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at his practice, Dr. Alex Giannakakos, in Staten Island, New York.

Birth Control Q & A

How can comprehensive family planning services protect your health?

When it comes to family planning, many people think only about birth control. But if you want to have children sometime down the road, family planning should also include preparing for the time when you’ll stop using birth control. It’s important to take a look at your overall health before getting pregnant so you can lay the groundwork for having a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Preconception care: Preconception care is a preventive checkup performed before you get pregnant to be sure you don’t have any health conditions that might interfere with a healthy pregnancy and baby. Getting a checkup before getting pregnant also gives you time to make any needed changes. For example, it’s important to prevent birth defects by getting enough folic acid before conception. It’s also important to change habits that put the baby’s health at risk, such as smoking cigarettes and abusing alcohol or recreational drugs.

What birth control services are provided by Dr. Giannakakos?

As a gynecologist with years of experience, Dr. Giannakakos offers comprehensive birth control services. He takes the time to get a full medical history and talks with you about your future plans. Your age, when or if you plan to get pregnant, and your physical health are all factors to consider when choosing a method of birth control.

After getting a complete gynecological exam and learning about the various types of birth control, you can choose from one of many different methods. Whether you prefer birth control pills, a birth control patch, a vaginal ring, diaphragm, cervical cap, or a birth control implant, Dr. Giannakakos provides the type of birth control that fits you and your life.
The doctor performs tubal ligations for women who are ready for permanent birth control. He can also teach you about fertility-based methods — determining the time in your menstrual cycle when the egg can be fertilized — so that you can either avoid a pregnancy or know the best time to conceive.

Can you get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes, Dr. Giannakakos offers confidential testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to protecting your own health, being free of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is really important if you want to have a baby. Some STDs can affect your baby’s health from the get-go. For example, chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause preterm birth and a low birth weight. The newborn baby can even be infected with these diseases while passing through the birth canal.